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Summer 2022

Day Camp Openings


Located at 12 A Street Burlington, MA

Day Camp Director (21+) - The Day Camp Director is a supervisory position for our Day Summer Camp programs at our facility in Burlington. This position will be responsible for supervising all aspects of the day camp program. Additionally, this role is responsible for coordinating staffing and activities for all event programs that operate throughout the summer. 

Counselor/Hero Leader (18+) - Part Gandalf and part Mary Poppins, Hero leaders guide our heroes through their entire adventure at camp, from the action on the battlefield to free time in the recreational areas. Our Day Camp counselors get to join the fun by playing the characters and monsters our heroes battle with foam swords and NERF blasters. Duties include monitoring meals, playing camp characters (in costume), and facilitating and participating in group activities. Help teach the next generation what it means to be a hero, and help create a summer of lasting memories.


Our camp counselors receive one of the highest pay rates in the industry.

We provide training, costumes (although you can bring your own!), props, makeup, and foam weapons. In return, our expectations are high. We require you to be responsible, flexible, and reliable. You must fully embrace and adhere to the concept that this camp is for the campers. As such, the roles you play and the positions you hold are always in service of the entertainment value.  This is an exhausting, demanding job that requires both physical and mental endurance. But you will have the time of your life and we can guarantee that you will never be bored!


All camp staff are required to have previous experience working with kids and teens and be at least 18 years of age. Acting experience is not necessary but does help. We’re interested in mature decision makers – counselors and performers who like to take part in a creative, improvisational environment – but always with safety foremost in their mind. You must be exceptionally reliable and a good communicator. Punctuality is necessary as the nature of these activities requires precision timing. Professionalism is mandatory.

Please note that Wizards & Warriors Camp is owned and run by parents. Our own children attend these camps. Safety is our highest concern. We expect that it will be yours as well. References required. Pay is dependent on experience and schedule for 8 weeks, plus room and board (includes paid training). 

  • Love working with kids?
  • Have a fascination with the fantasy genre?
  • Have a very active imagination?
  • A responsible and good role model?
  • Don’t mind being hit with foam weapons?
  • Like to dress in costume and wear cool makeup?
  • Consider safety BEFORE anything else – no matter how fun?​

In-person DAY


Our camp counselors are paid higher than the industry average.

DSC_4832 (1)_edited.jpg

This is a day position requiring availability between 8:30am - 3:30pm running Monday - Friday

Currently accepting applications from candidates over the age of 17

Staff must be available from June 27th to August 19th

All applicants must submit three references

All staff, performers, and volunteers must submit to a CORI and SORI Background Check, intensive screening, and reference check.

General questions can be directed to

or call us at 781-214-1174

Someone on our summer camp team will get back to you within 48 hours. 



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