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An Exciting October Camp Announcement

This summer we will be hosting camp at Prindle Pond Conference Center, only a 10 minute drive from Sturbridge, where last year’s camp was held. Prindle Pond Conference center is an actual campground, which we haven’t had access to in probably a decade. So, you can sit around an actual campfire, and enjoy nature!

Our New Camp Home

Prindle Pond is not far from Sturbridge, where last year’s camp was held. Why the change? While Publick House had many amenities and was a great temporary home, it would not allow us to expand our offerings and was missing some of the charm and privacy we want our campers to enjoy. Prindle is an actual campground, which we haven’t had access to in probably a decade. So, you can sit around an actual campfire, and enjoy nature!

After the Oxford Junior Dictionary removed words such as “beaver” and “dandelion” and added words like “mp3 player” and “blog,” the Canadian Wildlife artist and conservationist Robert Bateman said, “If you can’t name things, how can you love them? And if you don’t love them, then you’re not going to care a hoot about protecting them or voting for issues that would protect them.”

This statement highlights the importance of connecting children with nature and the natural world, which is precisely what The Story School’s summer camps are going to do in 2022. At Prindle Pond Conference Center in Charlton, Massachusetts, heroes will delight in the many acres of this natural environment of woods and meadows. Sidleterra will welcome heroes by firelight next summer, bringing a world of warmth and community, the way human history began. Our heroes will have the chance to delve into vast wooded forests, explore miles of trails, fight monsters near Prindle Pond, and tell stories by the light of the fire.

What Can Campers Expect from Overnight Camps This Year

Accommodations will be provided in lodges with bunk beds, no air conditioning, but the location is near the pond and there’s a nice breeze. These dorms will be just for sleeping, as there are other areas for all other activities.

In addition to the pond, there are 600 acres of woods, and some meadows. Campers always travel in groups of at least three people, and within sight of counselors. We expect a ratio of two counselors to ten campers.

Indoor spaces will host “shifting caverns”: lights, sounds, and props create scenes in different imaginary areas such as an attic or a maze of laser beams you must navigate during an adventure. As well we will have a large dining hall able to host over 120 people.

STEM activities and encounters with monsters take place in the gym or outdoors. Encounters are immersive, role-playing experiences in which campers learn and have fun by being part of stories, and counselors play monsters and other characters and provide lessons and guidance. For example, campers try to persuade or fight monsters, or build a robot, or explore foliage to identify which plants are poisonous or not.

Please note, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has not yet released COVID guidelines for summer 2022 camps, so we’ll have to update such information. We will endeavor as we did this past year to give our heroes the best experience possible. Kids have experienced such a nature deficit recently, so we are eager to see them joyfully connect with nature, see the stars and fireflies, and hear the crickets. There won’t be any other groups in a large area of the camp, so heroes won’t be distracted from the immersion.

Pre-Registration is Open with Early Bird Pricing

Registration for summer camp 2022 is open. Early bird (discount) registration is open until December 24th. Scholarships are available.

​Overnight Camps at Prindle Pond



Blackwatch(TM) Camp


Jun 29th - Jul 1st

Zombie Camp

​8 - 17

Jul 3rd - Jul 8th

​Youth Wizards & Warriors(TM) Camp

​8 - 13

Jul 10th - Aug 19th

​Teen Wizards & Warriors(TM) Camp

​14 - 17

Jul 10th - Aug 19th

Monster Camp program

14 - 18

Jul 3rd - Aug 19th

"Wizards & Warriors Camp" and "Blackwatch Camp" is a trademark of Guard Up, Inc.

For those that can't make it to the overnight camp, Story School will also be hosting an in-person day camp at our facility in Burlington, MA from Jun 27th - Sep 2nd as well as our Virtual Camp available via Zoom from Jun 27th - Sep 2nd

We hope to see you at our camps this year no matter which adventure you choose!

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