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Summer 2021 Camp News

Here’s the announcement you’ve all been waiting for — The Story School will host BOTH virtual day camp and residential overnight camp this year! For both types of camps, the tales of Sidleterra will recommence from the spot they paused last year, and all campers will work toward achieving the same overall goal.

Residential Overnight Camps This year, we will offer six weeks of Wizards & Warriors residential overnight camps (three 2-week sessions) from Sunday, July 18th to Friday, August 27th. Campers will be grouped by age into “Adventuring Parties,” which will function as Covid-free bubbles. Zombie Camp will not take place this year, and Blackwatch Camp will be rolled into Wizards & Warriors, with campers aged 15 and up participating as “Rangers” (or older heroes) in the Sidleterra story. Camps will run for 13 days, from Sunday of one week through Friday of the next week.

Cohorts and Adventuring Party Themes The new “Adventuring Parties,” or age-based cohorts for overnight campers, will each include up to ten heroes and two counselors. Each Adventuring Party will operate independently and remain distanced from the other parties, while their embedded counselors will take turns playing the roles of monsters, villains and creatures. Adventuring Parties will still be able work together with other parties to save the day in physically distanced ways, and additional characters may also appear, but will remain physically distanced from the cohorts. A final battle will still take place including all campers, focused around a cleverly-arranged challenge that allows parties to remain distanced while attempting to defeat the final villain.

Campers aged 8–12 and 12–15 may choose from two different adventuring party themes: all-out action adventure, or compelling role-playing mystery. Before camp begins, heroes in these age groups must choose wisely which adventuring party they want to join. Campers aged 15+ will join an adventuring party that focuses on complex themes, challenges and roleplay.

Virtual Day Camps We will also hold ten weeks of virtual camp this summer on weekdays from Monday, June 28th through Friday, September 3rd, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Each session lasts one week (five weekdays), and campers may sign up for as many weeks as they like. Heroes will connect to the adventure from home via Zoom, while donning the garments and props appropriate to their characters, and enthusiastically participating in the same Sidleterra story as the overnight campers and striving toward victory!

Monster Campers Due to strict Covid-19 regulations in Massachusetts, we will not be able to host the counselor-in-training program, also known as our Monster Camper program, at our residential overnight program this summer. This year, our heroes of all ages are encouraged to immerse themselves in adventure and enjoy a summer in Sidleterra, while the adult staff frets about the Covid plague and manages the new (and complicated) health regulations. Heroes who would normally participate in the Monster Camper program are invited to join the “Ranger” camper cohort (for ages 15 and up), available in all three overnight camp sessions this summer. Limited spots are also available for ages 15+ in our virtual day camp programs.

Location We have not yet confirmed our location for this summer, but are very close to completing that process. We are currently vetting several excellent options, all of which have fantastic storytelling potential. As soon as we identify the location that best balances the safety and entertainment of our 2021 heroes, we will announce that selection and open registration for the 2021 camp season.

Covid-19 Guidelines Our plans are based on current Massachusetts Covid-19 guidelines for overnight camps, and do not depend on the vaccine rollout. Heroes will be required to quarantine for the two weeks prior to camp, and submit a negative Covid-19 test result (taken within 72 hours of the start of camp). As the vaccine rollout progresses, we may also require a first or second dose.

Stay Tuned! At the MLK Day all-day event on Monday, January 18th, participants may get a hint of this summer’s story theme! Stay tuned for information on registration, scholarship opportunities, transportation, and updates on COVID-19 guidelines. We can’t wait to see you in person this summer! Huzzah!!!

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