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Explore the various cultures and histories of the world through an interactive based on one of the most important and universal tools that all civilizations have used: their weapons.

Spar with your friends using safe, foam swords and live out ancient battles: defend your king as a Germanic knight, put on your best accent and become a French musketeer, and lead a charge as a Spartan from ancient Greece.

This four week curated program will teach you about ancient weapons (how they were made and used), guide you through how warriors of their time would have used them, and engage in open sparring and guided battles with your peers


What can you expect to learn:

• World History

• Humanities and Cultural studies

• Physical fitness and martial techniques


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Learn the History of Swordplay

In-person workshop

12 A Street in Burlington, MA

for adventurers aged 8-15


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In this class, students will explore the abandoned land of Ravin and uncover the mysterious history of a civilization in environmental turmoil. During the adventure, students will learn the basic skills to build their own role-playing adventures. Over the four sessions, students will make their own vibrant maps, characters, game mechanics, and stories! Alex Corbitt, our resident education researcher from Boston College, will facilitate the course as part of his dissertation. The course will be free to seven students interested in participating online via Zoom. Weekly classes will begin on the week of August 16th for 90 minutes in the evenings. The days and times will be finalized based on the availability of those enrolled!


Game design skills include:

• Character Generation 101

• Map Building 101

• Conflict & Politics 101

• Combat Mechanics 101

• Puzzle Mechanics 101

• Choice & Improvisation 101

• Mysteries and Stakes 101

• Moral Dilemmas 101


Students will also receive many perks in the course, including:

• An Inkarnate account to create their own maps!

• A World Anvil account to create their own story!

• A Hero Forge figurine of their own customized hero!


For more information contact us and an adventure instructor will get back to you.

Unleash Your Creativity! 


for adventurers aged 12-15

Game design workshop