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3 Non-Money Ways to Give This Holiday Season

It’s the holiday season. The season of giving. The season of charity. Between now and the end of the year you’ll be hearing a lot about providing monetary support to your favorite charities for “year end giving” and “Giving Tuesday,” The Story School included. The fact is that nonprofits depend on your donations to keep their doors open, and to support their missions. But times are tough, and not everyone has the ability to be a superhero this holiday season and give financially.

So, here are three ways that you can help support your favorite nonprofits, whether they be summer camps or other, this holiday season.

3 Non-Money ways to give this holiday season:

Help build connections

recognized days like Giving Tuesday are great opportunities for nonprofits to bring in new donors, and make new connections. Since its inception in 2012, Giving Tuesday has become a global movement, which means that a lot of people are familiar with the concept of giving on this particular day in late November. Your personal network of friends, family, coworkers and whathaveyou will be much more open to hearing about your favorite charities around this time of year. So, support your favorite summer camp…I mean, nonprofit organizations by letting others know about the fundraising campaigns they have going for the end of the year. Share their content on social media, talk them up at family dinners, and let people know the organization is something that you personally support and would love to see thrive. Facebook makes it simple to create your own fundraiser for your favorite organization: create a fundraiser for a non-profit on Facebook. You may end up being responsible for a large influx of funds despite not being able to give yourself.

Write a testimonial

They say the pen is mightier than the sword...If your favorite nonprofit has affected your life for the better, let them know! Not only are these sorts of messages wonderful for staff to read around the holidays, they are also hugely helpful for marketing purposes. Your testimonial could be the tipping point for a donor, or someone looking to take part in the organization’s services. You can leave these testimonials on Google pages, Facebook pages, or even just email an organization that has made a difference to you to let them know how much they meant.

Recruit and refer others

Nonprofit organizations are here to serve. If you know someone who could benefit from the service provided by a nonprofit organization, refer them! As a summer camp, The Story School is always recruiting new campers, summer staff, and volunteers. Animal shelters need adopters and dog walkers. Food Pantries are useless if no one in the community knows about them. Many nonprofits receive grant funding based on the populations they serve, so even sending someone to a food pantry for assistance is helpful in furthering that pantry’s mission to see their community fed.

There are plenty of ways to give this holiday season, and as many holiday stories and movies have taught us, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Your voice can make a huge difference for nonprofits during this time of end of year giving. We at The Story School know the impact that one hero can have on the course of a story. We can’t wait to see what impact you plan to make this holiday season.

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