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Safety Note:
Approved LARP Weapons

The Story School takes the safety of our heroes very seriously. We engage in active, play combat and the tools that we use for this reflect our desire to keep our heroes both safe and engaged. Please note that no hero needs to own their own weapon to participate as we will always make sure every hero that does not have their own is provided a foam short sword to all for full participation


Foam weapons: Story School Vendor

We currently only allow weapons from our own vendor who has been manufacturing foam weapons for decades. You can order them below in a variety of colors and lengths. Our recommendation is short swords for those heroes under 5 feet tall and personal preference for those over 5 feet tall.

Latex weapons

We accept a larger variety of vendors including Epic Armory and LARP distribution. We have a selection of those weapons below. If you have a specific latex weapon you'd like to bring, please send a message to for pre-approval. We also test all weapons as camp for safety to make sure there is no damage to the weapon that sacrifices its integrity.

Homemade weapons:

For the safety of all our heroes, we do not allow homemade weapons to make contact against another person at camp. Heroes are invited to bring them as props and costuming to look the part of the hero they have for themselves. We have approved homemade shields (since they don't make contact with anything other than other tools/weapons) and can provide guidelines for those if requested.

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