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The Legend of The Story School

On a brisk October evening in the year of 2013, a group of champions gathered round and declared their intent to create an organization dedicated to transforming students into heroes and education into an experience. Drawing on the ancient arts of storytelling passed down since humans first had language, they took up the mantle of Storytellers and created The Story School


Our Mission

To promote story-based education for students via summer camps, events, workshops, and other outreach activities

To gather and provide scientific research and information on the benefits of story-based education

To provide training for the betterment of curriculum in educational institutes

To provide scholarships for students pursuing story-based education – especially as it pertains to research which promotes the benefits of story-based education

Our Values

We believe that stories are a profoundly effective vehicle for learning

Our Purpose

To create a greater understanding of how stories improve lesson comprehension and retention

Our Vision

To be a resource for educators and learners for improving the distribution of and access to story based learning

Every child is a hero.
The Story School gives them the chance to prove it to themselves
and you will see your child grow into the hero they want to be.
Because our stories are your child’s practice for real life. 
Parents & guardians: take a moment and imagine how your child will feel
when, in a moment of strife, they discover their courage…
When they stand before a villain and fight for those who cannot defend themselves…


When they speak for those who suffer from lack of a voice…


When they face failure and continue forward because they know, deep in their heart,
that they can survive this setback and try again…


When they bond with other kids who feel the same call to action and
desire to be greater than the moment before them…


When they celebrate their victory with an intense feeling of accomplishment –
because they had a part in this story and they made a difference…


When they realize that learning is an intriguing, life long endeavor
that is exciting to explore outside of the boundaries of school.

staff & board


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Chris Wiley

Executive Director



Katie Morris

Membership & Customer Service Coordinator



Paul Spanagel

Curriculum Coordinator




John Cordero



Jarred Landry



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Elise Wiley

Camp Operations


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Christine Yablonski

Alumni Relations


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Valerie Rushanan




Ting Xu






Our summer camp scholarships and financial aid program is a partnership between the camper families, donating organizations, and The Story School’s donor fund.
The Story School is committed to assisting as many campers as possible in their quest to experience their own adventure at our summer camps. While we sometimes receive more requests than scholarships are available and occasionally are unable to accept an application, we strive to work with parents and organizations to assist as many children as we can. Scholarship requests for large amounts may require verification by a copy of your family’s most recent tax returns.
Each camper applicant must provide the following:
  • Three letters of recommendation from people not related to you. (Examples: teachers, principals, community leaders, neighbors)

  • A minimum one page completed Character History about the character you would choose to play, along with details specifying the costuming you and your family will provide.

  • A 5-6 paragraph answer to the following essay question: What do the terms Honor, Compassion, and Courage mean to you?

  • Parents, please click the button below to email the above items, plus the answer to the following questions, to Executive Director Chris Wiley. What percentage of the camp tuition are you requesting to be covered by this scholarship? Which camp is your child hoping to attend, how old is he/she, and why would he/she like to attend. Please describe your circumstances that qualify you for financial aid. 



If you are an organization or individual wishing to provide financial assistance for children to attend one of our summer camps, please click the donate button below or contact us at (781) 214-1174 for more information.