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or Non-Player Campers

Interested in becoming a counselor to the next generations of heroes? Join our Counselor in Traning Camp (CiT). You'll learn how to become an engaging storyteller in a unique fantasy world. This camp will help you grow into an inspiring leader for younger, future heroes while building meaningful relationships with friends. 

Group of teenage CIT dressed as fantasy characters explore the woods at a LARP STEM camp

Develop Leadership Skills

CiTs are given opportunities to shadow counselors and work on their cooperation and communication skills with their peers.

Teens and children dressed as fantasy characters on a quest at LARP STEM camp

From Student to Teacher

As a CiT, you will see how our education can seamlessly fit into an immersive story for campers. As you assist a veteran counselor, you'll help instruct campers and learn how to teach in an informal environment

Teen CIT dressed as fantasy character at LARP STEM camp

Play a Character

Develop your acting skills entertaining campers of all ages. Take up the role of a "monster" and help bring the story to life. You'll also learn how to build a world backstage and see how planning is part of an educator's process.



2024 Dates for CiTs

  • 3-day 1st-time CiT workshop in late June

  • Full program runs from beginning of July to mid August (final dates TBA)

    • Inquire if you can't make the full season

2024 Rate

  • 1st Year CiT rates begin at 20% off the cost of camp and increase based on experience

  • Return CiTs can have tuition reduced by 40% or can be invited to return as interns at no cost

  • Connect with our team to inquire about Monster Camp rates. 

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