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Thanks to You We Can Give the Gift of Camp

Heroes. Each and everyone of you reading this is a hero. Our programs have seen so much support and love over this past year. Most recently, our Giving Tuesday and Charity Auction (our first one ever!) were amazing experiences. Whether you have shared out our posts, attended our auction, or gave to our campaigns, we would not be open without you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Let's celebrate the successes and get to the next and most important step: getting heroes into the adventures.

Auction and Giving Tuesday Successes

Giving Tuesday saw so many people help us meet (and surpass) our goal of $1200 and we raised nearly $5,000 at our first annual Charity Auction. With live music, sword fighting, and catering by Wegmans, it was a wonderful community event. We had over $14,000 worth of items up for bid and everything from museum tickets, to gift cards, to a 3D Printer went home with our amazing attendees. Don't worry if you missed out this year, it will be back next year!

Recruiting More Heroes: Giving the Gift of Camp

As 2021 comes to a close, we already have our eyes set on summer 2022. With the return of Zombie camp and our day camp programs as well as a new beautiful outdoor location, we are poised to have an amazing new year.

To help with that, we are making a final push before the year is out to support our programs by getting heroes into our worlds of fantasy. This is the best time to sign up for camp as we are still running our lowest pricing of the season (until December 25th) and we have the new Gift of Camp.

We have many supporters who don't have heroes of their own or their heroes have graduated from our programs. This year, we are allowing our community to purchase camp for others. Imagine being able to stuff an entire summer of interactive stories, STEM education, and fantastical adventures into a stocking. With the gift of camp, you can. Reserve a spot in camp for a hero in your life and let them decide which session to attend. And for those that just want to see the right heroes get into the doors of our castle, you can purchase and donate a camp session to one of our scholarship recipients to help us reach as many new heroes as possible. Remember that the year is wrapping up and donations of The Gift of Camp are tax-deductible.

Give the Gift of Camp and help the heroes we haven't met yet.

What's Next?

The new year is right around the corner and we are already hard at work bringing even more adventures to our heroes. Our new Game Design workshop continues sessions into the new year, Youth Historic Warriors which explores weapons and cultures through history returns, our activity rooms are getting an upgrade and so much more. Stop by 12 A Street in Burlington for a party, a class, a full day adventure, or just to say hi.

Look for The Story School to bring even more stories to life in the weeks, months, and years to come. Our future is an open book all thanks to hero-makers like you.

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