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Holiday Gift Guide for Adventurers!

This time of year everyone is out looking for the perfect gift. If someone in your life is called to adventure, it might be difficult to find items that will be cost effective, and useful. If you’re shopping for someone who enjoys LARP, medieval or fantasy role-play, or even traditional outdoor adventures, we’ve got some gift ideas for you!

  1. Water Bottle holder or medieval style water bottle - Water is essential when walking, and traveling as much as LARPers do during a game. Why not make sure their water bottle adds to their costume instead of detracts? You never want your LARPer to have to choose between hydration and style.

  2. Dice bag/ leather pouch - perfect for dice, keys, tokens, or other small treasures one might want to carry around during an adventure.

  3. Leather Journal & Quill Pen - You really can’t go wrong with this one. LARPer or no, I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t be excited to receive one of these. Great for everyday journaling, or keeping notes during gameplay. If you know your LARPer likes to sketch or doodle, make sure your journal pages aren’t pre-lined.

  4. Costume accessories - It can be hard to shop for costuming for someone without in-depth knowledge about what size they wear, and what kinds of characters they like to play, but there are some accessories that can be added to most any costume. Things like pendants, hoods, cowls, and leg wraps can add flair to existing outfits or can be added to plain clothes to make a basic character. Plus, a hood and leg wraps are great removable accessories to make any costume either warmer or cooler.

  5. Comfortable shoes - there are many options for finding shoes that look good with a costume, but the BEST shoes are comfortable too. LARPers, and campers spend a lot of time on their feet, and need something that they can wear walking, running, and hiking that will keep them comfortable when they need to jump into battle at a moment’s notice. We’ve worn everything from sketchers, to Tom’s, to leather dress boots, and here are some things you’ll want to have in a shoe: - Comfortable - Close toed - Covered heel - Lightweight - Water resistant - or quick drying (this may depend on the season, and location as New England winter players will want something they can also wear in the slush or snow if needed)

  6. A good belt - never underestimate a good belt. You never know how much you need one until yours breaks and you are left with your pants literally hanging. Plus these can be excellent costume accessories, and speaking of costume accessories…

  7. LARP Sword - Even if they already have one, you really can’t go wrong with getting a LARPer a new sword.

Of course, you can’t beat tickets to events. LARP weekends, gaming conventions, and fan events for adults, and even live-action role-play summer camps for kids and teens. Check your local area to see if any upcoming events would make good gifts for your adventurer, and if you are in the New England area and are shopping for a young adventurer, we would love for you to check out The Story School’s immersive, imaginative, and inclusive summer camp experience!

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