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NEW: Ranger Summer Camp for Teens

There is a world where adventures are just a step away. At Ranger Camp, teens face notable challenges that push the boundaries and require strong alliances for success. This camp program is for teens who are collaborative, quick on their feet to solve difficult problems, and are ready to see what’s hidden within the shadows of the world.

Rangers is a camp program designed specifically for our older and more mature teens (ages 15-18) who want to experience a higher level of roleplaying, problem-solving, and immersive adventure. This program is designed to offer an extra challenge to those heroes who are a bit more experienced, while at the same time providing the opportunity to develop skills like learning how to lead a group successfully.

Rangers are a diverse set of heroes that the Gate of Destiny has called upon to take on quests for more experienced adventurers. The goal of the Rangers is to help protect the realm of Sidleterra from new evils that plague it. So gather your finest foam weapons and read up on your arcane knowledge, for only through darkness will a hero shine.

Summer Camp participants for this program are ages 15-18 and are individuals who are drawn to great storytelling and in-depth fantasy roleplay. Costuming and character sheets help you determine how to become your own hero. You can expect to encounter darker themes and challenges for which there is no clear right or wrong, or good or bad solution.

To register for 2021 summer camp, please visit

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