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BIG NEWS: Step Inside Our Brand New Location

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Fellow heroes, we are overwhelmed with pride to be opening our doors and welcome you into our brand new home at The Academy of Creative Arts. Before you fret, let us assure you that it won't change your commute in the slightest as our new home is less than 0.2 miles from The Castle where we enjoyed adventures with Guard Up!, Inc. for over twenty years.

The building is located at 12 A Street in our usual kingdom of Burlington MA. You'll recognize it by the countless signs for amazing classes, courses, and (very soon) story-based adventures. We expect to begin welcoming heroes into the building as early as July 1st.

Who is the ACA and how do they fit in with The Story School?

Here's what our executive director and resident hero at heart Christopher Wiley had to share:

"The Story School is excited to be partnering with The Academy of Creative Arts at our new home of 12 A Street in Burlington, MA (just a spell packet toss from our old building). The Academy for Creative Arts (ACA) is a fellow non-profit, whose mission to further creativity and the love of art aligns very well with our imaginative programs and students. Between the ACA's diverse offerings that our students will have the chance to experience (drama, Henna, yoga, dance, and more) as well as the open arms they have extended to us, we believe we are becoming part of a larger community that our heroes will love and thrive within."

What will reopening look like?

"The founder of the ACA, Hetal Joshi, is just as committed to making sure our students are safe as we are. The return to in-person classes will be a phased process to support our staff and heroes in making a safe return. Masks will be required throughout the building and we will all be adhering to CDC guidelines for cleaning and maintaining all spaces in the building. The Story School will have exclusive access to our own activity and workspaces as well as shared access to the general lobby for our guests. Guests can expect to complete daily COVID screenings before entering and to wear their fitted mask that covers both nose and mouth at all times except when taking a drink of water."

What will our new space be like?

"Our activity areas include an open space converted racquetball court that is ready for our heroes to make their own, a media room that can transform (just as our old rooms did) into anything our heroes can imagine, and an outdoor space being developed to provide even more dynamic options for our programs."

Christopher Wiley says it best: "The Story School is looking forward to a fruitful and engaging partnership with a fellow non-profit and is beyond excited to see all of our heroes in person once more. We hope you will join us as we open this newest chapter of our story."

Want more information or want to share your excitement? Contact us and let us know. We'll see you very soon for an adventure together! Until that day, Huzzah heroes. Huzzah.

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