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Immerse and Unplug: Preparing Your Child for a Tech-Free Experience at Camp

As families prepare for the upcoming adventure of sending their children to The Story School's Live Action Role-Playing (LARP) camps, a unique challenge awaits – bidding farewell to technology. While the camp experience offers a magical blend of personal growth, creativity, and friendship, the absence of technology can be a barrier if campers aren't prepared. In this blog post, we'll explore effective strategies for caregivers to prepare their heroes for an immersive, tech-free camp experience.

Diverse campers dressed in fantasy costumes rest on a log between quests

1. Explain the Value of Unplugging in a Fantasy Realm

Engage your child in conversations about the benefits of being unplugged within the fantasy realm. Discuss the opportunities to fully immerse themselves in the magical narrative, create lasting memories, and form bonds with fellow adventurers that go beyond the digital domain. Emphasize that this camp experience is a unique chance for them to become the hero of their own fantastical journey.  

2. Start Small and Encourage Breaks from Tech

Gradually ease your child into the idea of being without technology by reducing screen time at home. Begin with short periods, like 30 minutes, and gradually extend to an hour or more. Try a "no phones at dinner" rule to promote bonding without digital distractions. Join your child in these breaks from electronic devices, video games, cell phones, and social media before camp. This practice helps them adjust to the idea of being without their phone and enhances their ability to fully engage in the immersive fantasy world of LARP.

Campers dressed in fantasy costumes stand in a group and sing sea shanties while a counselor plays ukelele

3. Banish Boredom with Tech-Free Activities

Encourage your child to explore alternative activities that don't involve technology. Stock up on engaging options like Lego, crafts, books, puzzles, and table/card games and get their input on other unplugged activities they might find interesting. Emphasize the joy and creativity that can be found in these non-digital pursuits. By providing enticing alternatives, you empower your child to discover the richness of offline experiences.

4. Let Your Child Take Charge of their Camp Gear

Involve your child in the preparations for their LARP adventure. Allow them to take charge of selecting fantasy-themed supplies, including costume elements and props. Additionally, emphasize the value of handwritten communication by encouraging them to practice letter writing – a skill that can add an extra layer of immersion to their fantasy camp experience and help them communicate with caregivers and friends. Select camp-friendly alternatives for sleeping, such as a sound machine or fan.  

5. Stay Positive and Fuel their Fantasy Adventure

Frame the upcoming camp experience as a journey into a magical realm. Provide your child with a positive and encouraging perspective. All the tech-gadgets will be there when they return, but the opportunity to immerse fully at camp is limited to a few special weeks of the year. This focus on the immersive aspects helps shift their mindset away from the absence of technology to the potential for epic character development, strategic gameplay, and forging alliances with other fantasy adventurers. Fuel this excitement by discussing the fantastical characters they hope to meet, the friendships they'll create with campers, counselors, and their in-game characters (Double Friends), and the independence that awaits within the world of camp at The Story School.

Preparing your child for a tech-free camp requires a thoughtful and gradual approach. By starting small and staying positive, you can help them fully embrace the magic of a technology-free LARP camp experience. These strategies not only ease the transition but also set the stage for a summer filled with fantastical personal growth, imaginative exploration, and unforgettable adventures

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Extra Tip! Be sure to chat about your tech concerns with the Camp Team. They may have creative substitutions or accommodation ideas.

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