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The Story School is a fantasy camp for young people located on the outskirts of Boston, MA. We aim to give our campers an inclusive, interactive, and immersive adventure. Our camp allows our participants to become their best selves through storytelling, role-playing, and teamwork. We believe there is a hero waiting to be discovered inside everyone.

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Nestled in the woods of Massachusetts, The Story School has the grounds and accommodations to make every camper feel safe and ready for adventure.

CIT camper dressed as fantasy creature at LARP STEM camp

At The Story School we encourage campers to become the hero inside of themselves through immersive storytelling and roleplay. All challenges and quests ask campers to be supportive, creative, and unique selves  while also utilizing their STEAM skills.


Campers find a deep sense of belonging at The Story School, often making lifelong friends. Many campers return year after year to be part of our live-action role-playing community.

Live Action Role Playing

Get Involved

The Story School gives campers the opportunity to explore whom they want to be in a safe and welcoming environment. Often times at school or in extracurricular activities, students feel the need to conform but here they are celebrated for their differences. The Story School actively creates a place where students are celebrated for being their unique and creative selves. The bonds they make with peers and their participation in a structured LARP experience builds their confidence and pushes them to reach their potential. 

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“This is not a passive program, it’s an active one where kids can immerse as much as they like in the story and be part of its unfolding. This provides a flexible environment that meets my daughter’s needs."

-Jennifer, Parent

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