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Share Your Costuming Creativity! Call for Instagram Photos

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

As promised, the new year is bursting with new adventures at The Story School. This month we’re thrilled to kick off our exciting new chapter with the rollout of our brand new Instagram account!

This gorgeous gallery of artistic images celebrates the clever creativity of our Live Action Role Players. Follow The_Story_School_Adventures on Instagram to immerse yourself in the beauty of fantasy costuming, from elegant accessories spotlighted like museum exhibits, to full-length characters set in fairytale environments. See if you can spot your favorite counselors or Monster Campers among the images, and let the compelling close-ups inspire daydreams of enchanted fantasy worlds. Share your own creative ideas by commenting on the thought-provoking captions on each post.

We may not be able to come together in person to share magical experiences, but The Story School’s spirited online community is earnestly and energetically active — join us to dream about fantastical adventures while we wait for this evil Covid scourge to pass!

Are you particularly proud of your own LARP costume? We’d love to share it with our followers! Send your photo to and we’ll use as many as we can on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and our new website. (Note, by sending your photo, you agree to allow us to use your image on our online accounts. Names will not be included.)

Wishing you could wear your costume for a real adventure? Our next opportunity to LARP is Friday, January 15 at the Blackwatch online event, Breaking Light. Join us!

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