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Story School Facility Closure: When one door closes...

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

To our dearest and grandest greater Burlington (and beyond!) community,

As you know, The Story School, like many other organizations, has been struggling through the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite our attempt to re-institute in-person classes safely, and keep our year-round memberships seamless, we have unfortunately found it necessary to make a significant change.

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that September 24th will be the last day we will be able to offer in-person classes. We absolutely love our members and we are eternally grateful for those of you who returned to in-person classes, in support of The Story School, after the physical close of Guardian Adventures in 2020. It is due to you and our amazing staff that we were able to succeed at a physical location during this time.

Normally, we close for the first week in September to allow for our camp team to recover and to provide time for upgrades and enhancements to our program. We are going to move that September shutdown to the end of the month to allow our community the most uninterrupted time to enjoy their programs and to grant us the ability to fully move out. You can choose to keep your membership active through the end September or give us notice of termination this week and we will escalate and close out your membership before the next billing cycle on September 1st. Either way please complete the form below so we can update your accounts:

Story School Membership Pledge Change Form

Going forward, The Story School will be focusing on our immersive summer camp programs. We are taking this step proactively, confidently, and with the forecasting that this will allow us to exist and thrive, serving our community as best we can in the years to come.

We sincerely hope that you decide to remain active at The Story School as we transition to a summer camp organization with limited year-round offerings. We would love for you to continue to be a part of our active community by either joining us in our continued online Dungeons & Dragons sessions, by attending our summer camp programs, or by volunteering to help us grow once more.

We hope you have enjoyed the classes, and thank you for heroism throughout this difficult time, and for believing in our mission to create heroes through the power of story. Whether you continue with our programs, or become members of our alumni community, you will always be a significant part of our story, and we are eternally grateful for the ways you’ve helped our tale unfold.

As they say, when one door closes, another opens and we are looking forward to focusing on our summer camp programs: expanding access to them, growing our community, and creating a strong foundation post-pandemic to launch from. For the first time in nearly a decade, we have our next summer camp location confirmed before the summer has ended. We are returning to the wonderful site at Prindle Pond in Charlton. We even have Pre-Season Registration ready to go. The Story School is not going away!

We ask you to consider continuing to support our non-profit organization, by funding scholarships, outreach, and more by becoming a regular donor. In fact, you can take your current membership and change it into an ongoing pledge We would also like to invite you to continue to keep in touch with our staff, and community via our social media pages, newsletter, or just emailing us to let us know where your story takes you.


Christopher Wiley, Executive Director

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