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The Power of Belief

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Chris here, friends. I have a little inside joke with myself and you have probably seen me share it on Facebook and our YouTube channel by now. I colloquially refer to this time of year as the “ChrisMust” season: Chris Must celebrate, Chris Must have eggnog, and Chris Must believe. I believe in Santa, the Loch Ness Monster, and the immutable truth of Murphy’s Law. To quote Lewis Carrol: “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

The power of belief is powerful and guiding. It can get us swept away into a world of fantasy and then anchor us firmly to our principles. Some people like to think we grow out of make-believe as we get older (preposterous, right?) but even in the most serious “grownup” it’s always there. Your superstitions, your rituals, your spiritualities, and of course your absolutely ludicrous lie that you’ll only have one more cookie.

At The Story School, we recognize the power of belief and see it everyday in our roleplaying programs. Our students can in a few moments transform the world around them. You can see it happen. They close their eyes and when they open them peers become heroes, instructors become villains, props become swords, and the world before them becomes something grand. In those moments, it is not just their environment that is transformed by their belief. They themselves become more: more courageous, more honorable, more heroic. And after they step away from the adventure, the true power of belief is revealed: if you believe it long and hard enough, it becomes true. Our students slowly but surely – through the power and constant practice of belief – become that heroic figure in their life away from us.

If you know a hero that is looking for their place to be recognized and to become who they truly are, send them over to The Story School. We’re always looking for more teen heroes to join our adventures. Join us for our first Blackwatch Teen Roleplaying night of 2021 on Friday, January 15th at 7pm. (Preregistration is required with our online form or by calling (781) 214-1174.)

We believe and we hope you do too. Happy Holidays, everyone.

— Chris Wiley, Executive Director

During this holiday season, consider offering the gift of confidence to the child or teen in your life! While The Story School does not currently have an official gift certificate program, we encourage you to print out a registration confirmation and tuck it into a handwritten card explaining the program to any potential gift recipients.

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