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Camp Recap: Session 1

Session 1 of the 2021 Summer Camp season was a roaring success! Our heroes saved the day, vanquished the baddies, and departed our world stronger, braver, and kinder as heroes of the real world. Huzzah and Bravo, heroes!

While we do not want to spoil any of the plot to protect the experiences of our Session 2 and 3 campers, we are excited to share what we can about the two-week experience. Our Marketing Coordinator traveled down to Sturbridge and asked our camp staff and Junior Counselors some non-spoiler questions to give you an idea of how the session went.


Tricia Navigato, our Camp Logisitcs Director shared a particularly ridiculous encounter. "We have 'food fights' that happen. We have a 'Chef' counselor and so he had our people on missions to hunt down the Tortilla Turtle. They went out to a farm to fight a scarecrow to great corn to make the Tortilla Turtle. Those are our food fights that will continue into this (new session's first) week."

"Yesterday it was a Tomato Monster and a Cheese Monster because they were there we had pizza. Every night matches a different meal. The night with the Tortilla Turtle we had tacos that day." They also clarified that eating chicken wings on the day of battling a giant bird on stilts was not intentional... although it did fit well with the running gag.


Haley Mosher, our Camp Director enthusiastically shared that "One of the Mystery Seekers stabbed (a very scary character) with no fear, whereas (other groups) were scared of her when we tried to confront them." Floating Logistics and Counselor Catri Morris added that "During the final battle with (the monster) had been throwing out really really powerful spells so 90% of the kids were backing away in fear... but there was one kid who gave a battle cry and charged forward and was just wailing on them with no fear!"

Looking at the actor who played the role, Catri shook their head in bewilderment and said "Oh, you took the hits." Continuing the tale, Catri recalled that "They eventually did get (the monster) but (the hero) was ready to lay down their life for the Mystery Seekers in the face of certain death." [We would like to state the obvious that this is all in-game and no children will be sacrificing themselves in the glory of battle. Also, monsters are not real.]


As the question was asked our Assistant Camp Director Sam Mildrum walked in, prompting Haley to laugh and reply that "They taught Sam how to read and write... even though he's a math teacher." This got a snicker from the whole room as Sam replied that "Numbers are not words," jovially playing along. "Although," he added, "they taught me numbers too since (the side character I was playing) had spent ten years teaching themself jokes and that's it. That was their only education. So, the Rangers and other groups, in order to help him renegotiate his contract with (a regal character), taught him the alphabet and numbers so that way he could renegotiate a better life for themselves."

Junior Counselor Matt Behrle also piped up with a story to tell. "There was also when one of the kids had a little fidget squish toy and they gave it to (a not so friendly character) when they were sad and that was really sweet."


Our heroes showed incredible moments of courage, honor, and, above all else, compassion. We applaud our Session 1 campers on an adventure well done! Session 2 is fully underway with lots more amazing moments happening every day over in the woods of Sturbridge. To our heroes who are now home we want to say thank you and to our heroes still at camp, let's make this week the best week yet. Onward we go!

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